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My Journey - November 2009 Empty
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My Journey - November 2009

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My Journey - November 2009 Empty My Journey - November 2009

Post  ChasingSanity on Sun Apr 11, 2010 8:01 pm

Today, Saturday, November 7th, I with Doug and our new friend, Ricky, went to the Farmers Market first thing after getting pushed out the door of Saint Elizabeth's. Ricky is the one who is going with us to Rozwell, NM and maybe beyond. A Farmer's Market is an event that is usually weekly and usually in an open space in the middle of town, farmers, crafters and merchants of all kinds cluster together in an honest effort to separate individuals from their money.

From there Doug, Ricky and I parted ways for the day. Doug went to the park to take a nap. Ricky went to the casino to get a players card, play with the casino's money and cash out for a guaranteed profit. I went to the Flea Market. Flea Markets are held in vacant lots and abandoned buildings where all manner of people try to sell used goods. Usually there are a whole lot more than three people selling when I got there. I bought a pair of parachute pants made by The Gap for $2 and a folding knife for camping, $4.

On the way to the Flea Market I saw a sign advertizing a 'multi-family yard sale / bizarre. There were two people there. Next door to the bizarre was a massage school (Agua Fria and Siler streets) that was having an open house celebrating their 30thanniversary. They had free massages. The guy who gave me a massage is an instructor there. My shoulder is much better. Wow, those healing hands hurt. The people there were all wonderful. They were all energetic, excited and having healthy conversations. Talk about serendipity; I went to the flea market, followed a sign to a yard sale and wound up getting a desperately needed massage and instruction on how to help heal my shoulder. I have better range of motion after the massage and I can do something similar to the massage to myself.

Saturday November 14th, 2009
I rode around Santa Fe looking in thrift shops for anything I could use. I was especially interested in messenger bags. I found four messenger bags, ranging in price from a half dollar to four dollars. I sewed them together in pairs so each bag hung on either side of the tires on my bike, effectively two sets of panniers for a total of ten dollars.

I got my food stamp card on Monday, we did last minute shopping Tuesday and we left Wednesday morning. Doug researched the route using the library computers. We rode to a town called White Lakes. It is a ghost town with the exception of one inhabited house. Doug, Rick and I stayed in one of the abandoned houses for two days. It is sad to see so many homes and communities run dry by the economy.

Saturday, November 21st, 2009
That night in the abandoned building, Doug got upset at Rick then Rick got upset at me over my allowing my wife to have a mind of her own and make decisions contrary to my wishes. In the morning, I told them both if I felt there was more bad than good in being with someone I would not be with them. Later that day I told Rick I was not going to travel with him anymore.

I was as happy to leave Rick and his troubles behind as I was to leave a town. Rick passed Doug and I up while we were taking a break. We passed him in Vaughn, NM. He rode 60 miles that day, quite a feat for someone not used to riding. Doug and I laughed at the thought of how he must feel the next day. In Vaughn we talked with the Police and got a free room at the local motel for the night.

The next morning Doug and I rode on with a storm chasing us into Rozwell, NM. We rode almost 100 miles at 20 - 30 miles an hour, often times not pedaling! The storm threw snow, sleet and freezing rain at us but it also did most of the work getting us to a vacant house outside Rozwell. Bless the storm. Smile

The vacant house had many useful items. There were two large, durable bowls, a grate we made into a grilling platform and some canned or dried foods.

Rozwell itself was a disappointment. I did not see or talk with anybody having fun or enjoying life. The shelter we tried to stay at was deeply religious. They had an hour of bible study at 9am and another hour of bible study at 5pm. Study consisted of listening to the leader read out of the bible. These were not thought provoking or interactive, just a one-sided lecture. We made our escape after just one night. I admit the woman responsible for the shelter is an amazing lady doing great things for the community.

We found so little chance of making money in Rozwell that we left for Carlsbad, our next stop. A few miles outside of Carlsbad we stopped for the night by the side of the road. Someone spotted our hidden campsite and called the police about 2 motorcyclists. I assume they thought we had an accident and might be dead. Smile A state trooper came and smiled that we were living bicyclists.

We rode into Carlsbad Friday morning and bought some snacks at the grocery store. In the grocery store we met and talked with a lady and her two teenage daughters. They saw us several times on the road and were amazed we rode so fast. (This is where I puff out my chest proudly.) We ate our snacks in a park nearby and found the soup kitchen.

At the soup kitchen we met a guy with a BOB trailer, an older Yak, just the thing Doug was looking for but that guy was not giving it up for anything. :/ We went looking for scrap metal to salvage and a campsite. We found a campsite in a vacant lot near Walmart but no income sources. We walked to Walmart and got food to tide us over until the soup kitchen opened up again on Monday.

Saturday morning we parted ways, Doug looking for a new campsite and an income source, me to the library to work on my blog site and transfer from Facebook to Blogger. We agreed to meet at the library at noon. Doug was nowhere to be seen by 16:30 or 4:30PM. I left looking for him at the old campsite, the hospital emergency room and the local jail. I left a big message at the old campsite for him to meet me at the library at noon. I went to a homeless shelter I heard about to get a good nights sleep and start fresh in the morning.

Sunday I went looking for a rumored man selling used bicycles in town and found him then went back to the library and hoped for Doug to show up by noon. No Doug. I hope he is alright.

I will rework my plans without Doug today and carry on Monday leaving Carlsbad as soon as I can afford to buy the size 700c wheel that bike guy has. I just helped a man get the info he wanted off the internet and he is coming back with... some cash? *Let us pray* Or is that "lettuce pray"?

I want to see Carlsbad Caverns and the Malfa lights...

I changed my mind about seeing the Marfa lights; they are seen 10 - 20 times a year at night and the terrain is hazardous.

Sunday, November 29th, 2009
On Monday, I rode on towards Carlsbad Caverns. Another spoke broke a few miles outside of White City. A mile or two after the spoke broke I met a lady selling antiques in front of her house on the side of the road. She told me to talk with this nice guy, Bill, who might be able to help me. I called him and listened to his fax machine. Sad I got a ride to his house, talked with his brother, Larry, who told me his brother, Bill, was traveling. Larry let me stay the night and talked about putting me to work. Threaten me with a good time, will you? I am working and living with Larry. Cool))

I got a little on the job training doing a welding repair job on a hand rake I ran over with the tractor. I knew how to run a farm tractor from 30 years ago but, how do you say, my memories are a little vague. I figured it out without anything worse than the rake. My tractor skills are not good enough yet to attempt brain surgery or anything else requiring finesse.

I have yet to find a lady adventurous enough to share more with me than laughter and a hug. My bike and the stars have been stalwart but taciturn companions.

Cancel seeing the Marfa lights; they are seen 10 - 20 times a year at night and the terrain is hazardous.

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