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My bicycle mirror Empty My bicycle mirror

Post  ChasingSanity on Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:21 pm

This is the best rear view mirror I know of.

I made it. I designed it. I tried and discarded many possibilities. Everything about it has a reason.

Why am I telling you instead of some sales crew somewhere? One sales crew did react favorably, the other sales crew did not react at all. Individuals who see it get excited, they buy my signed and personalized mirrors.

If someone steals my idea, so what? I am exploring the world on my bicycle. I encourage news coverage. I endorse my mirror. My story and my website are part of what people get when they buy my mirror. Without my story and my website, someone is just a common thief. With them, someone is part of a team of heroes. Remember Batman's butler, Alfred? He was crafty, kind and wise, resourceful, talented and capable. People can choose - faceless thief or recognized team member.

What I want from you is $2 for every mirror made. One dollar goes to a fund to get community bicycle cooperatives going. One dollar goes to keep me going - feed the ride.

Here's the pictures of it.
http:/not r/

My bicycle mirror Pbucket
My bicycle mirror Pbucket
My bicycle mirror Pbucket
My bicycle mirror Pbucket
My bicycle mirror Pbucket

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