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Why donate to my efforts Empty Why donate to my efforts

Post  ChasingSanity on Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:28 pm

Why donate money is easy; Because you want to. Because you believe in what I am doing. Because what I am doing excites and inspires you. Because you think what I am doing is a good thing. Because, because, because! Smile If you don't have a 'because', then don't. That simple.

If you are an organization; If your beliefs embraces excitement, inspiration, innovation, adventure, following your dreams, making do with what you got or making hope where there was none then my journey is for you. I am as ecologically responsible as I can manage. I want to develop a line of 100% eco-friendly bike equipment. Most of my equipment comes from thrift stores. I alter the gear to fit my purposes. I am a self-made bicycle equipment engineer.

I seek out opportunities to help out and leave behind happy memories in the communities I visit. People ask me what I am about and why. I tell them, sometimes that takes hours of happy interrogation. Smile Many of those people tell me I am an inspiration to them. That is priceless. "That is so cool!" or "Awesome" or "Amazing" are often their reply to the short version of my story. I get honks, waves, and cheers all the time as people drive by. I wave back. Smile
How to donate is a little more complicated, click on the PayPal donate button, follow the instructions and pray. I will pray with you. If you know someone that does business online and has a Paypal account, you can give them the money and they can donate it for you. I like that; people helping people to help people! *hugs*

I cracked the Roflforum - Paypal secret!" Actually a mysterious stranger named "Base" came out of the shadows in 'Free Forum Support' and inscribed for me this magic spell;

On certain skins and forum versions, the widgets don't actually show up for some unknown reason. I think you've got a valid code, you just need somewhere to put it. Here are some places:

1. Homepage message
2. Widget, but change your skin or forum version so they show up.
3. In a forum description.


I have a wish list too.

I believe there are used items out there looking for a good home. People often ask me if there is something they can help me with. I ask people if there is something I can help them with. Smile We both have our hearts in the right place but opportunities are limited. These are some of the items I am looking for.

vehicle upgrade from bike to trike: Catrike Expedition or Greenspeed GTO or GTE

Netbook computer GOT IT! Dell Inspiron 910

Tent Eureka Assault Outfitter 4 is an all season, 4 person tent.

cargo conversion for bike or trike xtracycle or terracycle

Sleeping bag - a quality synthetic (tall size) rated for freezing, either mummy or not

Sleeping bag accessories (tall size)

Muffins I want to try out this muffin idea I have. I need a baker with the heavy duty flour grinder that can grind dried beans into flour. DID IT IN Fargo, they are good but need work.

Schematics for Greenspeed GTE or GTO

Image of a bicyclist, that's me, riding their bicycle/spaceship across the stars, visiting other worlds. That's you and yours; each of us is a world unto ourselves, a world view or weltanschauung.

Hammock GOT IT, need to devise a mosquito net SEWED IT

Almost every house I stay at, every person or group I interact with for a few days, I look for and find a hole I can fill; something useful I can get them or do for them. Sometimes it is a service I can perform, like cleaning their yard, garage or attic. Sometimes, it is something I find along the way in a thrift shop or the pile of stuff I collected on the trip to them or in a grocery store. I give gifts as often as I can. Sometimes, all I have to offer is my story. It's all good! :hugs:

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