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How long is it going to take and Where am I going next?

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How long is it going to take and Where am I going next?

Post  ChasingSanity on Thu Jun 03, 2010 8:35 am

First; this is not a race. I am sightseeing. I am gathering memories. {Reference Frederick, the mouse book (in YOUR language! Laughing ).} Second; These cities I am mentioning are EITHER big cities we might pick up other riders OR markers along my suggested route to tell you all what route I plan to take. The locals usually know a better way.

The big picture -
From Omaha, NE to Pembina, ND is 600 miles as the bicycle (in Google) pedals. From Emerson, Manitoba, Canada a stone's throw from Pembina, to St' John's, Newfoundland, Canada is 3,000 miles. 3,600 miles / 4,750 kilometers at 50 miles a day is 72 days. Add in 8 major city's, one week each to stop over at (supplies, riders and whatever) for a grand total of 4 months. From June to... October?! No, not doing freezing winter nights in Canada. Less time in big cities! From June to SEPTEMBER!

Little pictures along the way -
Sioux Falls to Fargo is 250 miles - 5 days

250 miles... probably riding that one solo. Smile

Fargo to Grand Forks is 80 miles - 2 days
Grand Forks to Pembina is 80 miles - 2 days

Pembina is where bicycle seats ship out of in the USA. I got to try riding one!

Pembina to Emerson, Manitoba, Canada is 5 miles - Don't Even! (Everything else is in Canada)
Emerson to Kenora, Ontario is 200 miles (through Winnepeg) - 3 days.
Kenora to Thunder Bay, Ontario is 300 miles - 6 days
Thunder Bay to Wawa, Ontario is 300 miles - 6 days
Wawa to Sudbury, Ontario is 250 miles - 5 days
Sudbury to Ottawa, Ontario is 300 miles - 6 days
Ottawa pick up riders? ? days - remember winter nights?
Ottawa to Montreal, Quebec is 120 miles - 2 days
Montreal to Quebec, Quebec is 165 miles - less than 3 days
Quebec to Saint Simeon, Quebec is 100 miles - 2 days
Ferry ride with bicycle $22
RiviƩre-Du-Loop to Rimouski-Est, Quebec is 75 miles - 1.5 days Razz
Ferry from Rimouski to Sept-Lles, Quebec to Port Menier to Havre-Saint-Pierre to Baie Johna-Beetz to Natashquan to Kegaska to La Romaine to Harrington Harbour, to Tete a La Baleine to Mutton Bay to La Tabatiere to Saint Augustine to Riviere-Saint- Paul to Blanc Sablon, Quebec. HOW MUCH money?!! How much time? What is the most economical option?

Blanc Sablon to Red Bay, Newfoundland is 50 miles - 1 day
Yeah; Newfoundland. Whew, I am tired already!

Ferry from Red Bay to Henley Harbour to Cape Charles to Mary;s Harbour to Port Hope Simpson to Fishing Ships Harbour to Charelottetown to Snug Harbour to Hawke Harbour to Sandy Islands to Bateau to Cartwright to Lewisporte, Newfoundland. Sigh, How much money, time, etc?

Lewisporte to St. John's, Newfoundland is 385 miles - 8 days

57 days plus ferries and fees.

My plans are made of soap bubbles and gossamer wings.

What if someone offers to take us all on their ocean going sailing boat the whole ferry route, skipping all those ferries and the 50 miles from Blanc Sablon to Red Bay? Cabin and food in exchange for working on a sailing boat? Ooouuuiii, saaailng booaat, jaaaa!

"These cities I am mentioning are EITHER big cities we might pick up other riders OR markers along my suggested route to tell you all what route I plan to take."

Remember, riding on a bicycle on an Interstate highway is illegal - not going to happen with me. That is, unless that stretch of Interstate is also another road we can travel on legally and it is the best choice. Then it is not illegal. Laughing Laughing Laughing

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