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"Quickies" is too short of a title :P

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"Quickies" is too short of a title :P Empty "Quickies" is too short of a title :P

Post  ChasingSanity on Fri Apr 30, 2010 6:15 am

Quickies © Present - 1975 (the most recent additions appear first)
by Ari Gold

31 December 2012
Money is an artificial construct. Relationships are an intangible reality.

I am losing my mind drip by drop, corks in my ears don't make it stop.

Faith is trust; often based on experience, often earned.

Courage and Bravery stand against the winds of Fear.

"Be happy with what you've got" is a life-long skill.

You can't reach the good things is you hold onto the bad ones.

The Truth is indescribable. That's why we make jokes about it.

Sharing laughter is sexier than chocolate.

Placing blame does not deal with a crisis.

Many times, throughout my past, young men were hostile or abusive. How many of the young men I have yet to meet deserve to be treated poorly for my past?

You can't reach good things if you hold onto bad things

Cuddle safely

I am losing my grip on reality, does that mean I am using too much lube?

Wisdom, acceptance, awareness, empathy

What I would love is if you showed me or told me where to find the beautiful things you love most about your lives.

Some people get wound up so tight with frustration, anger and resentments that they tie themselves in knots. They are so full of shit, there's nothing left butt the asshole.

If you don't change and adapt, interact with your surroundings you are dead or worse - an abstract concept.

I am afraid: You won't like me. If you don't look at the heartwood then you won't see the real tree; at my branches, at the cool shade, my ambiance, at the fruits of my labors - then who will you see?

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are waiting for Godot. Escher and Bach are coming later.

How is it most of the places I want to stop at are on the other side of the road?

Your opinion is worth more to me than your possessions. It weighs less too.

If aliens offer to drop me off at the next inhabited planet, my bags are packed.

There's less time than you think. 'Doing it later' threatens 'getting it done.'

Squeezin' 'til my rocks 'r' bloody

You are responsible for the present moment - 'now'. Who you become in the future, they are responsible for their moment - 'then'. Part of your responsibility is to do, with the time you have, whatever is needed so they can do whatever is needed when it is their time. Do your job well and trust they will do theirs.

Some people don't truly live because they are afraid of dying. I'd rather embrace Life with it's mate Death than forsake one for the sake of avoiding the other.

No worries, if you can't laugh at yourself, everybody else will take up the slack!

Your heart is a big as the people in it

The mystery and the magic
The grandeur and the glory
All the people I love and admire
The look in my dogs eyes
And the feeling in our souls
My gods and yours
Espre de corps
My gods and yours
The dance, the joy and the race of Life

Life is a thing you ride slipshod by the seat of your pants.
What a pain in the ass!

Smile, it hurts less

This too shall pass, laxatives help.

If most all life on Earth has mostly the same DNA,
What is the rest of it and where did it come from?

Become quiet, at peace, like when you first wake up.
Listen in that quiet with your heart and mind.
Bask in the peace.
Gather in a good feeling, add some others.
Carry this quietly with you
in the back of your mind,
this symphony,
as you walk through life.
Listen observantly for other symphonies

Best to bite first and hardest

We all die.
How one lives is truly the choice.
With luck I will die as I live -
with dignity and honor.

Time is not like a river, as each exquisite drop passes by
It is not possible for me to run downstream and carry out my wishes on that drop
Everything is everything

Do all you can
with all you've got
all the time

You can water the flowers
or piss on the weeds
both will grow

The life of a bug
is no doubt
as intense and fulfilling and important
to it as mine is to me.

It is time to pull the plug
before the shit hits the fan

LIES they told me when I was young
Lies they force-fed me when without a tongue
Ties to my mind, they said it cannot be done
Limits they put on where I can think?!

If reality does not meet your expectations
Perhaps, it is not reality
that should change?

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